For further information, questions, or requests please contact werelibrary(at)

If you would like to submit/ suggest content or websites for the library and resource page, we have a couple requirements. Submitted content:

  1. 1. should be on-topic.
  2. 2.┬ácannot promote violence or hatred (which is unpleasant, and would break Werelibrary’s Terms of Service with our host anyway.)

In any case, feedback is appreciated and we’ll try to explain why something might not make it into the index. For a bit of an idea on how common that is, I can’t remember ever ‘rejecting’ something, unless it had a flag with a werewolf on top genuinely screaming ‘The time is nigh! 2012 comes and with it we will all transform at the last full moon!’ Positively, 2012 is behind us now, so we probably don’t need to worry about that.

If you’d like to submit work in a language other than English, please let me know and we’ll discuss how to go about it. Mostly I will need you to provide me a description in x language to use in the index.

Privacy and Take Down Policy

If your website or work is listed in the library and this is a problem for you, please get in contact and we will remove it with no argument.