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It’ssss Aliiiiive.

  Back up. There may be errors here and there, and the library is currently empty. The process of re-indexing begins, probably starting with Project Shift. If anyone would like to help, or just toss articles my way, please let me know. <3

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Project Shift and Theme Bug

  All of Project Shift has been indexed. Unfortunately, there’s a small bit of code missing from one of the files so only ten posts will appear per category page. Fixing tomorrow. Onward and upward!

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Take a Look at Therian Nation on Youtube

Feeling a sudden hankering to learn about modern therianthropy? There’s an excellent new channel on Youtube called Therian Nation, producing professional and down right excellent videos and introductory material. Scripts are released on their tumblr blog, for those unable to view video content.

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