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The Fallacy of Therianthropy

A difficult to describe article discussing the way in which a person’s identity as a therian may develop. The writing primarily focuses on the idea that a person might build their identity based around the concepts introduced to them by other therians, rather than understanding their animality organically ( i.e. prior to learning about therianthropy).

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Lion Templin
The Need to Belong

In our quest to belong, do we sometimes overlook the big picture?

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Therian Elitism

Critique on the need for more respect and less elitism in the therian community, especially towards new people.

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Therianthropy 101

A light-hearted introduction to joining and participating in the online therianthropy community.

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Therianthropy as a Result Rather than a Process

Alternative view that describes therianthropy based on it being about the result of subjective mental interpretation, rather than only an objective condition.

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Therianthropy Terms and Definitions

An overview of terms and their definitions used in the therian community.

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Therian Nation
Three Lies of Therianthropy

A discussion about respecting intellectual honesty when approaching therianthropy, claiming to be a therian, and being introspective.

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Lion Templin
To the Newbie

An open letter to those new to exploring themselves.

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Types of Shifts

Information about the common types of shifting therians experience.

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Webweres: when newbies build webpages

Things for ‘newbies’ to consider before publishing content and advice online about therianthropy.

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