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Coping with and Control of Therianthropy

A well organized guide of ideas on how to cope with aspects of one’s therianthropy.

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Daemonism, Therianthropy, & Multiplicity

Explains the key, basic differences between concepts of daemons, therianthropy, and those who are multiple-systems.

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Earth Listener
Evolution of a… Person

Musing on growing up and changing.

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Extinct Theriotypes

Advice for those thinking their theriotype might be extinct.

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How to Find Your Species

Helpful advice on figuring out one’s theriotype/’kintype, with a strong emphasis on visual-based techniques.

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Exploring the nature of animality through being human.

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Introduction to Modern Therianthropy

An introduction to therianthropy, examining what therianthropy is and common misconceptions.

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Therian Nation
It’s Okay Not to Be a Therianthrope

Reflection on doubt, honesty of self, and that different animal experiences are no less meaningful than therianthropy.

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A discourse on the role labels can play and their significance.

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Life and Religion

Thoughts on animal souls, life, death, and religion.

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