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A Comprehensive Introduction to a Psychological View of Therianthropy

Therianthropy from a purely psychological standpoint.

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A Short View on Modern Contherianthropy

The original discussion of contherianthropy, from Lion Templin who introduced the often misunderstood concept.

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Lion Templin
Am I a therian?

Advice on exploring personal therianthropy and whether or not you might be an animal-person.

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An Introduction to Animality

  A succinct introduction to the topic of therianthropy. Written by Kusani.  Author’s website: Being Lion Read full article: An Introduction to Animality

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Are You A Therian?

A basic, easy to understand, introduction to therianthropy.

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Attention Elders

An open letter to the ‘elders’ of alt.horror.werewolves.

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Lion Templin
Becoming a Therian

Analysis of the concept and argument on people becoming therians.

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Believe It or Not?

Meirya’s approach to deciding which phenomenon and experiences are believable.

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Christian Therianthropy

Explanation of how Christianity and therianthropy do not have to be mutually exclusive.

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Coping Ideas for the Aquatics

Advice on various ways to help with being an aquatic therian or otherkin.

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