The history of the therianthrope community, therianthropy itself, and writing on the current state of the community, as well as writers’ experiences.

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A Short View on Modern Contherianthropy

The original discussion of contherianthropy, from Lion Templin who introduced the often misunderstood concept.

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Lion Templin
Attention Elders

An open letter to the ‘elders’ of alt.horror.werewolves.

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Lion Templin
Awereness Indicator Test Battery

“AIT, or the Awareness (awereness) Indicator Test is a battery of questions used to profile an individual’s possible therianthropic nature.” – Lion Templin

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Lion Templin
Becoming a Therian

Analysis of the concept and argument on people becoming therians.

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A discourse on the role labels can play and their significance.

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Origin and Uses of the Word Therianthropy

Brief presentation on the historical and modern use of the word ‘therianthropy’.

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Therian Nation
So You Want to Join or Form a Pack

There is lots to think about before committing to a pack. Savage shares some thoughts on what to consider.

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The Need to Belong

In our quest to belong, do we sometimes overlook the big picture?

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Therian Elitism

Critique on the need for more respect and less elitism in the therian community, especially towards new people.

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Therianthropy 101

A light-hearted introduction to joining and participating in the online therianthropy community.

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