Proposal for Official Therianthropy Day

August 3rd, 2016

I am reposting Muninn’s proposal for an annual ‘Therianthropy Day’ and the poll contained. You can find the original post on Muninn’s tumblr blog here: ‘Proposal for Official Therianthropy Day

Alright, here it is. After the discussion in the “Otherkin Day” reblogs and afterthis, I’m putting a proposal out to the community. I don’t have time to put this out on individual forums. Maybe others can spread the word and it will get around. Let’s try to have a serious discussion. Consensus will be hard to judge as the community is so widespread, but let’s give this a try.

I propose that since the first Were/Therian Howl was arranged by members of AHWW to be during the November full moon in 1994, that “Therianthropy Day” always be on the day of the November full moon. This year (2016), it’s November 14.

This is a historically significant day to remember when and where our online community began. November is also a significant month to Weres/Therians because some of the members of AHWW first mentioned being Weres during November 1993 discussions.

Poll. Agree or Disagree. Go here to answer.

Take a Look at Therian Nation on Youtube

June 29th, 2016

Feeling a sudden hankering to learn about modern therianthropy?

There’s an excellent new channel on Youtube called Therian Nation, producing professional and down right excellent videos and introductory material. Scripts are released on their tumblr blog, for those unable to view video content.